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Depression and mood swings are widely used these days. Many people suffer from these diseases due to the increasing success of success. Studies have shown that almost every 12th has a depressive disease. The diseases are often invisible to other people. Even relatives can not see that a person suffers from depression and psychological problems. Many those affected are rarely talking about the disease. To defeat them and to deal with them, however, an open handling is necessary. If you are suffering from depression, it is helpful to entrust yourself to a person in your closer environment.

There are numerous medications that can treat depression, schizophrenia and mood swings well.

Depression should not be confused with a depressive mood. This is only temporarily and has its cause in disappointments or losses. Depression, on the other hand, does not necessarily have such a concrete trigger and lasts over a longer period of time. Often it must be treated with antidepressants. Symptoms for depression are sleep disorders, silencedness for no apparent reason, headache, circulatory disorders, non-resistance and lower appetite.

How do antidepressants work?

Depression is not yet fully clarified. But the assumption is very strong that the metabolism in the brain does not work properly. Therefore, many drugs set exactly at this point. An important component of the brain metabolism is present substances which are distributed from the cells and transmit or enhance the signals. The drugs influence the messengers.

The first group affects the nerve cells so that more of the messenger is distributed. Normally, the release is terminated when the messenger is distributed. But sometimes this happens too early. Due to the delay, more of the messenger is available.

The second group delays the degradation of the messengers in the gap between the nerve cells. Through this influence, the concentration remains high and the extension of the extension works better.

The third group prevents the messenger from being absorbed back into the distributing cell. This also increases the concentration.

Older preparations have several messengers and are therefore very effective. However, their compatibility is less good compared to modern funds. Modern agents are targeted and can be used targeted to treat depression and moods. Depending on the severity, different means are prescribed, which differ differently.

Common is the antidepressant that they have mood-enhancing and activating.

However, the time from the first intake to effect is problematic. Some means have only long-term and not immediately after the first intake. Regular intake is therefore important to achieve the desired effect.

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Note that many antidepressants in Germany are prescription. Talk before taking a doctor who confirms you that you need such a medicine.